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Animal protection starts in childhood

Animal protection is still at the very beginning in Morocco. That‘s why it is so important to educate children in school about this issue. Therefore we organize regular venues for school children on the topic of animal protection. We‘d like to give the children an idea about our work in animal protection and make the children aware how important taking care of animals is.

Who never asks, stays stupid – this motto has found its confirmation at one of the FHH-SOS-animal projects. Children at the age of four to six were asking heart wrenching questions. And none of their questions were left unanswered. „We would like to give children a conscious mind about touching and dealing carefully with animals” Helga Heidrich explains at the new SOS animal Project. “And the visit of the first guests confirmed our presumptions, that children especially at this age are very interested and open minded for animal protection”. „They understand that animals are living things and are to be treated in a good way. That they need more than food and water, but also love and care. The bus with 63 school children, the director and their teachers arrived at the sanctuary and started to admire all the different animals. There are horses, mules, donkeys, wild boar, monkeys dogs, cats, chinchillas, rabbits, grey parrots, different birds, peacocks, ducks, geese, peacock pigeons.

The director Mrs. Arielle and her assistance already had prepared the children for this excursion. The donkey “Monsieur Bernhard” and the wild boar “Halouf” were the absolute stars of our little animal lovers. After lunch there was a special highlight for the little ones. Pulled by Monsieur Bernhard, they were taken in a buggy over the area. After many more games a very beautiful trip came to its end. It was a very nice experience for everyone, none of the children was impatient or cried, because the close contact with animals was too exciting. And they all promised to visit us again soon.