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The sad life of stray animals

No tourist, who ever visited this country, will forget the sad picture: countless neglected stray dogs and cats lie around in shady places or roam trash cans and tourist restaurants in search of food. Constant hunger is part of their miserable situation just like severe infections, fight wounds and cruel abuses. Life on the streets is extremely hard. The streets are regularly ”cleaned“. Stray dogs and also cats are poisoned or shot and (sometimes still alive) tossed on watse dumps. ”House dogs“ are kept on short chains even as puppies. They are supposed to watch the house and farm in extreme heat and often without water or protection from the sun.

The Helga Heidrich foundation tries to put an end to the incredible mistreatment of animals. Thousands of stray dogs get poisoned by strychnine or are shot to death each year. That‘s how the Morrocan government controls overpopulation.

Puppies – Rescue: Fight against the deadly plague: parvovirus…

Please help us save the abandoned puppies. Therefore, we must vaccinate the puppies immediately so that they are protected against the deadly plague “parvovirus”.
Amy, a small street dog was found in a lonely mountain area. The finder asked by telephone if we could take the little thing and make it “ready for departure”. Of course the answer was: yes. But we asked him to vaccinate the little one immediately. He promised… After one week his trip was over and Amy came to us.
Amy was a funny little daredevil, not afraid of big dogs, not of donkeys, even the huge dromedary Ali Baba couldn’t instill any respect in her. She immediately crept into everyone’s hearts, which was fatal, she did not accept a fence and welcomed her new friends every day.
What wasn’t so problematic, for us she was completely healthy, had her vaccination, we still believed so. But Amy was not completely healthy,
the life-threatening disease crept into Amy’s body – unnoticeably…
she distributed her viruses and the viruses started to work.
When she got diarrhea and the disgusting smell of these stinking little excrements left no doubt: Pavo. She immediately came to the veterinary clinic and had to be admitted as an in-patient.
The only chance to survive was a quick infusion. Amy became weaker, so it was clear to us that the “rescuer” did not vaccinate her. The excrement became watery and bloody, vomiting started. Amy was just a heap of misery.
When the rescuer called after weeks, he said that he had forgotten the vaccination, he was finally on vacation. The fight lasts two days, sometimes dogs make it, but unfortunately Amy was not so lucky. She lost to the terrible disease.
The only protective measure is called “vaccination” so we have to vaccinate the puppies to protect them as much as possible. The danger of bringing unnoticed parvoviruses and infecting other puppies is too great. Especially here we have to fight a bad habit, people throw their unwanted, mostly infected puppies over the fence at night. The puppies, on the other hand, infect the already rescued puppies diligently during their nightly “welcome tour”. Parvoviruses can survive up to two years in the outside world and can be eliminated only with special, more faithful disinfectants. Therefore we ask for your help to support us in this important vaccination campaign.
Please help us that we do not or only rarely have to watch these scenarios.

Our main aim is the organization of castration and sterilization campaigns. We are urgently seeking sponsors and partners. Within our sterilisation project the animals undergo surgery, are vaccinated and marked on site. Weak and handicapped animals find a new home at our Sanctuary and are looking for sponsors. If you decide to sponsor our work, please contact us.


Immigration regulations for animals!

Would you like to give an animal a new home?
The whole procedure takes 3-4 months and there are costs.
We will be happy to assist you in obtaining all the necessary documents and can also offer accommodation at the sanctuary.
The whole procedure

* First examination (if necessary treatment) of the animal by a veterinarian
* Worm cure
* Implant chip
* Vaccination/ rabies vaccination
Blood collection and sending to a laboratory in the EU
If the blood test is positive: titer 0.5
3 months waiting time
The certificate of chip and health certificate is issued by the veterinarian.
Official veterinarian: Control of the animal (chip) Issue exit papers.





Schweiz / Swiss


The pretty Safran is looking for a nice home. She loves to play and to lie lazily in the sun.

The rather shy Beldi is a friendly and funny dog. Who has a heart and gives Beldi a home?

Angel is very sweet and attached.

Our pretty Sir Henry is looking for a home with a garden!

Whity is a lovely and charming cat.

Lenny is a peaceful cat who likes to let the day pass by in a shady spot.

Aicha likes to play with her ball and does her best to don’t be disturbed.