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A Heart for Animals


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presse_herz-tiereWhy Marrakech probably be wondering so many of you. Was it coincidence or fate that one day I wanted to visit Marrakech with my husband? On the Internet search for a hotel I first entered “Animal protection Marrakech” and not “Hotel Marrakech” and came directly to the homepage of Helga “Helga Heidrich Foundation”. Somehow I felt that she needed help and made a donation. Minutes later I received a big thank you from her and told me that she didn’t know this morning how she should finance food for her animals until my donation came….. and so my fate with Marrakech and the animals developed and a wonderful friendship with Helga developed.
As a result, most of your animal sanctuary was destroyed. Unfortunately also animals died. This heavy rainfall was not usual for the surroundings of Agafay near Helga and so a state of emergency arose. Helga is now fighting for her existence and for the lives of the 250 animals: “You made my Day! THANK YOU for the generosity and cordiality of all animal lovers, money has already been donated for animal feed. I had tears in my eyes and I would like to thank you all for the beautiful words and compassion I received from you,” she said. Helga will contact you personally as soon as the internet connection is up again.
HPIM4488 Helga hasn’t reached her goal yet, but she has already mastered many obstacles successfully. Like in a thriller in 1001 nights. Together we can maintain the animal refuge in the future, so that countless neglected, hungry and injured animals can get enough food and win the fight against cruelty to animals, but above all give the rescued animals a new and safe home again.  I would be delighted if you would continue to donate to Helga’s animals.