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Fondation Helga Heidrich SOS Tiersch.
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Who we are
The Fondation Helga Heidrich and its support association are non-profit organizations, founded in 2005 (our work began in 1995), which rescues tortured, wounded, abandoned and abused animals, provides veterinary care and gives them a new home. We work with a veterinary clinic. The foundation built the first sanctuary for dogs and working animals in 1995 and has the first and only sanctuary for Barbary monkeys and parrots in Morocco. In recent years we have been able to save countless animals from poisoning and disease,
The biggest problem, is the problem of street animals in Morocco, so it is not surprising that thousands of street animals are poisoned or shot every year. That is why our main objective is to find a long-term solution.
Until 2007, the entire costs of the investments and the maintenance of the sanctuary were privately financed by the founder Helga Heidrich.

  • 1995: Construction of the first Sanctuary in Marrakesh
  • 2004: Purchase of the new property (7 ha)
  • 2005: Establishment of the Foundation Helga Heidrich SOS Animaux
  • 2008: A new Sanctuary is being built
  • 2013: Moving to the new Sanctuary in Agafay/Marrakesh
  • 2014: Severe weather, flooding and storms destroyed walls, outdoor and indoor enclosures, barns and food reserves …
  • 2015: Within a few minutes a sudden sand storm destroyed most of the Sanctuary. The renovation works were finished by the end of 2015 and water supply was arranged. During the recontruction 76 animals were sterilised
  • 2016: The real work starts: treatment of animals at the Sanctuary, building of the Berber monkey house with outdoor enclosure, enclosure for handicapped dogs, enclosure for puppies and orphans, quarantine station for stray dogs, a connection to Europe for rehoming animals, animal rescue, education, public relations and protest rally