to the Foundation Helga Heidrich SOS Animaux. We are happy about your visit on our homepage. We would like to give you some information about our work and projects on the following pages.

Hello people,
I’m Stevie and I’m barking out our news:
Since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic we are struggling with technical problems (internet, telephone) which explains our silence. Ramadan was an aggravating factor, but after the end of the month of fasting the network quality has recovered a bit.
In spite of all the obstacles that this unusual, difficult time brought, we rescued countless animals from the streets, airport complexes, etc., we could not leave them to their sad fate. The street dogs are fed by us daily. Further information will be available soon.
Best wishes and stay healthy
Your Stevie

Puppies buried alive

We got a Whatsapp message with the question if it is normal in Morocco to ” kill ” dogs in a very brutal way. Unfortunately we had to answer in the affirmative.
We got a video on which shot dogs are thrown into a hole and the living puppies in the same hole. We asked the person to bring us the puppies, but it was too late, the hole was covered up. The puppies died there in a terrible way.

The Corona pandemic and its consequences
At a time of international crisis, when we need solidarity and help for the weakest, we experience an indescribable irresponsibility towards animals.
* People leave the country in panic and dispose of their animals at the airport and on the roadside.
* Restaurants, souks and shops are closed, so the street animals lose their food sources.
* Daily we find bags of puppies outside the door
* due to unemployment animals are given away en masse and they are not in the best condition.
We are reaching our financial limits, the number of animals on the mercy farm has doubled, fences are missing, the cost of food is rising dramatically and donations are falling to a minimum.
We are constantly on duty: feeding the street dogs, caring for injured animals and taking in the poor creatures that cannot survive on their own.
That is why we need your help now…

Mercy, a miracle

Again a good friend of us humans was forgotten and left alone to his fate.

Mercy, unfortunately, is not an isolated case, but she was lucky in her misfortune. Animal lovers took pity on her and brought this pile of misery to us. In the veterinary clinic a test was made: Leishmaniasis.

The life-saving injections of glutamine were needed immediately, but of course not available locally.

A logistical challenge … read more…