to the Foundation Helga Heidrich SOS Animaux. We are happy about your visit on our homepage. We would like to give you some information about our work and projects on the following pages.

Mercy, a miracle

Again a good friend of us humans was forgotten and left alone to his fate.

Mercy, unfortunately, is not an isolated case, but she was lucky in her misfortune. Animal lovers took pity on her and brought this pile of misery to us. In the veterinary clinic a test was made: Leishmaniasis.

The life-saving injections of glutamine were needed immediately, but of course not available locally.

A logistical challenge … read more…

Puppies – Rescue: Fight against the deadly plague: parvovirus…
Please help us save the abandoned puppies. Therefore, we must vaccinate the puppies immediately so that they are protected against the deadly plague “parvovirus”.
Amy, a small street dog was found in a lonely mountain area. The finder asked by telephone if we could take the little thing and make it “ready for departure”. Of course the answer was: yes. But we asked him to vaccinate the little one immediately. He promised… After one week his trip was over and Amy came to us.


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